Subway: Finger on Steak & Cheese Sub.

Now what? Another woman found "a finger on her food"? This story sounds very familiar. Let's discover what really happen. (10/23/2006)


I wish I can travel to California and investigate personally this one, but I can't. I don't have a sponsor to cover the expenses. Anyway, the only way to know what really happen is collecting some information and facts regarding this issue over the news.


Let's see...


First of all, No one knows exactly what is the item found in the steak & cheese sub. I may think it is a piece of meat because the sub is made with STEAK! Anyway, A woman went to buy a Sub at the Chowchilla Subway restaurant (located in California). Several hours later, the woman took an object back to the restaurant, she said it looked like part of a finger in her Steak & Cheese sandwich. At that moment, the Subway manager, Anita Munoz, was at the restaurant when the woman returned several hours after she purchased the sandwich. "It looked like a thick piece of fat," Anita Munoz said, "It doesn't look anything human to me."


Jay Varney, Chief of Chowchilla PD, said, "It looks like some type of tissue to me, whether it's an animal or human or maybe neither. I am not an expert, so I can only speculate."


The object was send to a lab for investigation and the results will be available on or about two weeks. The owner of the restaurant indicated the object is a half inch in size, pink in color, and hard in texture. The woman stated the object is a piece of finger, however, two health inspectors visited the Subway restaurant but they did not find any evidence that a restaurant worker had lost part of a finger.


So the facts are:


  • The name of the woman is not released yet. I hope her name is not Anna Ayala.
  • The object is unknown. It looks like some type of tissue. The customer, the unknown woman, indicated the object looked like a piece of finger.
  • The object was sent to a lab for investigation and the result will take about two weeks.
  • No photos are released yet.
  • The woman was not at the restaurant when she found the object, she returned to the restaurant several hours later.

    So... what the people says about it?


  • "What is she complaining about? She got more meat than she paid for." - Diamond
  • As the late Col. Harlan Sanders of KFC would say: "Finger Licking Good" - Red Barr
  • "Excuse me - did you order the knuckle sandwich?" - Doc Farmer

    By the way, Subway is owned by Doctor's Associates Inc., based in Milford, Conn.


    Sorry, I don't have photos about it.





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