Quiznos: Double Stack Pastrami.

Double micro-portion of thinly-sliced Pastrami, with evaporated Swiss Cheese, invisible sliced pickles and an alleged-chef-recipe smoky mustard. (6/23/2006)


I got a "bacon chicken" sub from Quiznos and I was really dissapointed. I really believe Quiznos have false advertisement on all or almost all of their products. I said I will never go back there...


... I didn't. I found another Quiznos restaurant and I saw a huge sub called "Double Stack Pastrami". I asked to the employee to fix that sandwich for me, exactly as the picture shows with some hot peppers. Here is the picture of the advertisement and the sub that I got:



The advertisement shows a huge sandwich, with all the meat coming out of the bread, but the reality is another. The sub is not as advertised. The photo and the description says something about cheese, but I think it evaporated already. I didn't found any pickles in my sandwich. What you see in the picture are jalapeńo peppers. Here are two pictures showing what is inside this Sub.



This one is bigger than others sanwiches but not big as it is advertised.


I qualify this Sub with:
Presentation: 3 of 10
Flavor: 9 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 2 of 10
Average: 5.5 of 10


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