McDonalds: Classic "Premium" Crispy Chicken.

With a taste of a "six-weeks-old", this chicken sandwich is really bad. I can't find a reason why McDonalds says it is "premium". (6/21/2006)


This sandwich is the same or worse than the "spicy chicken". It taste really bad, like the meat is six weeks old or like the oil is 6 weeks old. I guess I paid to get a nice box only. I think the box have a better flavor. Here is the picture of the sandwich:



Here is the photo of the advertisement and the photo of the real meal:



At least, the sandwich had a fresh lettuce and tomato as it was advertised, but the piece of chicken is so bad, I think it came from a dead chicken. (That is a good thing, I will run like crazy if the chicken still alive)



I qualify this sandwich, considering the advertisement shows a perfect product "10":
Presentation: 5 of 10
Flavor: 0 of 10
Freshness: -4 of 10
Size: 4 of 10
Average: 1.25 of 10


I'm not related in any way to McDonalds. Trademarks and brands are owned by McDonald's Corporation.




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