McDonalds: Sausage Biscuit with Egg.

A floppy "folded" egg and a "tender" sausage patty on a miserable buttermilk flavored biscuit. (6/19/2006)


By average, about 20 minutes takes to me every morning to fix breakfast. Takes about 7 minutes to order breakfast on some fast-food restaurants. Eating my breakfast takes only 3 or 4 minutes. As I'm becoming fat and lazy eating this junk food, I don't want to fix my breakfast, so I went to McDonalds to buy a sausage biscuit.


The advertisement indicates "Fluffy folded egg and a tender sausage patty on a flaky buttermilk flavored biscuit." Instead, I found the employee fluffy to fold the wrap. Here is the photo of my biscuit as the employee served it:



Anyway, I guess the employee didn't went to the "McDonalds University" to get some training how to fix it. Even the biscuit was "fluffy" prepared. Here is the photo of the advertisement and the photo of the biscuit that I got:



This Sausage biscuit with egg looks like the frog thing from the "Star wars" movie, just see it by yourself:



I think they should call it "McJabba Biscuit". Here is the picture showing what is inside of the biscuit:



I qualify this "breakfast" item with...
Presentation: 2 of 10
Flavor: 7 of 10
Freshness: 5 of 10
Size: 4 of 10
Average: 4.5 of 10



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