McDonalds: Double Cheseburger

Double doesn't means "bigger". (2/26/2006)


To be honest, I'm tired today. So, let's see the real meal in pictures. The left one is the advertisement for the Double Chessburger and the right one is the sandwich that you get when you purchase the Double Chessburger from McDonalds:


Double chessburger from McDonalds The real double chessburger from McDonalds


I hate this hamburger, looks like this one is laughing at me. Isn't laughing at me? Maybe is laughing with me.


This picture shows what is inside of the hamburger:


The double chessburger from Mcdonalds


This sandwich is in the "dolar menu", so is just $1.00 USD. I guess this one is worth of one dollar because when I was eating it, I found an small piece of bone in the meat. I really hope that was a piece of bone and not something worse.


By the way, I asked for my meal to go. When I got the sandwich, I asked for ketchup and the employee told me to get some ketchup from the dispenser. I guess she didn't figure that I can't dispense ketchup in my "meal to go".


After I gave her the "DUH!" look, she gave me two packages of ketchup.


I qualify this hamburger with...
Presentation: 4 of 10
Flavor: 6 of 10
Freshness: 6 of 10
Size: 4 of 10
Average: 5 of 10



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