McDonalds: Big Mac Hamburger.

Some opinions about this hamburger from McDonalds. (2/12/2006)


I not sure what "big" means for McDonalds. If the Big Mac is a "big" hamburguer, definitely others hamburguers are huge.


I tried the "Big Mac" many times, only when I have not enough time to eat real food. To be honest, this hamburguer (as some others sandwiches from McDonalds) makes me sick. I'm sure you already know this because the movie "Super size me".


When I say "it makes me sick" I really mean sick. Sometimes I get stomach aches, sometimes only heartburn, and sometimes I'm so sick I can't even eat something else until my body gets rid of this "food".


The flavor is not so bad, but I'm sure the flavor is because all the fat in this hamburguer. Anyway, I'm not an expert about nutrition, so I can't provide more information about it.


As almost all fast-food companies, the product in te picture is not the same that you get when you purchase the product.


Here is a picture of the "Big Mac":


Big Mac Hamburger


Here is the picture of the hamburger that I got:


The real meal: Big Mac Hamburger


Hold on! Where is the meat? The picture at the store shows the hamburguer with the meat coming out from the sandwich. Ok, I knew at this moment, this is another challenge for Jose, so I accepted the challenge and I started to look every where until I found the meat.


After a while, I found the meat! Here is the picture of the meat:


The meat of the Big Mac


Dang! This is not the right picture, sorry, my bad.


Here is the right picture, here is the meat in the Big Mac hamburguer:


Finally, I found the meat in the hamburger.


As you can see, the meat is so... thin, small, tiny... It gives me an idea how McDonalds makes lots of money. Anyway, the point is; this is the real meal when you buy a Bic Mac from McDonalds.


I qualify this hamburger with...
Presentation: 8 of 10
Flavor: 6 of 10
Freshness: 6 of 10
Size: 6 of 10
Average: 6.50 of 10



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