KFC: Tender Roast Chicken.

This one is not too bad, It taste like roast chicken. (5/11/2006)


I heard about "roast" Chicken from KFC, so I went to check it. The only sandwich available at the KFC restaurant was this one, the Tender Roast Chicken. I decided to tried and pay $3.73 for the sandwich.


The size of this sandwich is not really big compared to a Whopper. The meat is a "big" piece of chicken breast. It taste like roast chicken but the meat looks like it was not roast. I'm not sure how this one was cooked.


The size of the sandwich could be bigger considering the price of $3.73 USD. This sandwich was not good enough for me, I still hungry.


Here is the picture of the advertisement and the picture of the sandwich that I got:


Kentucky Fried Chicken Tender Roast Kentucky Fried Chicken Tender Roast


Here is the picture showing what is inside of the sandwich:


Kentucky Fried Chicken Tender Roast


The sandwich taste like it was not fresh. I don't want the meat to be so fresh that the chicken still be alive. I don't want that, but when the meat is not fresh I can feel a bad taste after the sandwich is over. I really doubt about "roast chicken", I can feel the fat on the meat in the taste.


I qualify this sandwich with...
Presentation: 7 of 10
Flavor: 8 of 10
Freshness: 6 of 10
Size: 7 of 10
Average: 7 of 10


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