LCD GD-1505 AP

Technical information about this LCD display. (4/22/2006)


I purchased this LCD display some years ago, it didn't had a datasheet, so I had to dissasemble one to find the configuration.


This is a Great LCD with 2-line display. The upper digits shows (0.75 inch high), The lower line shows "TDS, COND, PPM, PPT,uS, mS, 88.8 C". Someday, I will build a clock with thermometer with this display.


Here is the pinout information.





Backplane 1, Pin 34:


5-f Lower, First Digit
6-g Lower, First Digit
7-e Lower, First Digit
8-a Lower, Second Digit
9-f Lower, Second Digit
10-g Lower, Second Digit
11-e Lower, Second Digit
12-a Lower, Third Digit
13-f Lower, Third Digit
14-g Lower, Third Digit
15-e Lower, Third Digit
16-a Upper, 1's
17-f Upper, 1's
18-g Upper, 1's
19-c Upper, 1's
20-a Upper, 10's
21-f Upper, 10's
22-g Upper, 10's
23-e Upper, 10's
24-a Upper, 100's
25-r Upper, 100's
26-g Upper, 100's
27-e Upper, 100's
28-a Upper, 1000's
29-f Upper, 1000's
30-g Upper, 1000's
31-e Upper, 1000's
32-bc Upper Right "1"


Backplane 2, Pin 33:


5-b Lower, First Digit
6-c Lower, First Digit
7-d Lower, First Digit
8-a Lower, First Digit
9-b Lower, Second Digit
10-c Lower, Second Digit
11-d Lower, Second Digit
13-b Lower, Second Digit
14-c Lower, Second Digit
15-d Lower, Second Digit
17-b Upper, 1's
18-c Upper, 1's
19-d Upper, 1's
20-'.' 4th
21-b Upper, 10's
22-c Upper, 10's
23-d Upper, 10's
24-'.' 3th
25-b Upper, 100's
26-c Upper, 100's
27-d Upper, 100's
28-'.' 2nd
29-b Upper, 1000's
30-c Upper, 1000's
31-d Upper, 1000's
32-'.' 1st



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