Why Food Looks Good on Advertisements.

Finally, You will know why the food looks so good on the advertisement. It may look yummy, but not edible. (3/21/2006)


Some years ago, I saw how the advertisement for food is created. If you live in USA, you may see it at the food channel. The reason why the food looks so good on the advertisement is NOT because a chef fix it. is because an advertisement company fix it. Yes; food stylists, expert photographers, light & illumination experts, etc.


How these guys can make a hamburguer so yummy? They can't. The hamburguer in the photo are not edible, it may look yummy, but you cannot eat it. Here is a good example about the advertisement for milk.


I will show you two small pictures, two different brands of milk. Choose the one that you like more.


Actually, the left one if WHITE GLUE, the right one is MILK


Move the mouse and point the picture.


Advertisement companies use white glue to replace the milk. White glue is more creamy and white. The real milk is liquid and have a light-yellow color. Surpised? Here is more:


  • Instead of ice, acrylic cubes are used. Ice melts easily during the photo session.
  • Vegetables and drinks are sprayed with glycerine to give it a fresh look.
  • Meat is painted to make it "juicy" and give the "perfect cook" look.


    Sometimes they put each sesame seed in the bun, one by one, to make the perfect hamburger. You have no idea how long takes to get the perfect picture of the meal. Many times, the food that looks soft and creamy may be hard as a rock to survive the long photo session.


    You can find more about this secrets at this link.



    The food that I buy from the fast-food restaurants never will be like the advertisement because they doesn't have food stylist as employees. If you want to but the food that looks exactly as the advertisement, it will not be edible. The advertisement is only to "catch" customers and make money. Is all about the money.


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