Sponge Bob & Aunt Pearl's Small Blouse

Yes, It sounds weird, but There is something weird about Sponge Bob�s song when it is reversed, it says something about the small blouse of Aunt Pearl. (11/17/2008)


Captain: Are you ready kids?
Kids: Aye-aye Captain.
Captain: I can't hear you...
Kids: Aye-Aye Captain!!
Captain: Oooooooo! Who does have a Small Blouse?


Aunt Pearl!


I'm sure you already know the Sponge Bob's theme. Co-workers and friends loves that song, I even like it but when I played it in reverse, I was surprised.


Here is a 40-seconds sound clip [mp3 format] so you can listen what it says when played in reverse.


Update: I lost the file, as soon I recover it, I will post it online.


Basically, it says something like:


Ya ha ha huh ha, Ha ha ha ha ha!
Small Pearl, Small blouse!
Aunt Pearl's small blouse,
Aunt Pearl's small blouse,
Aunt Pearl's small blouse,
Hit them!
Aunt Pearl's small blouse,
Sh*t, I got morphed never in the morning!
Aunt Pearl's small blouse,
Sh*t, We know, but it seems when I got her under me.
Aunt Pearl's small blouse,
Easy, is there off no, never in the roast!
Aunt Pearl's small blouse,
Knew, stood under the pineapple, I say-OOOOOF *cough*
Nay fat friar, huh?
Ooh, you all are nasty!
Nay fat friar, huh?
U kids, get it right, ya'll!


Oh well... Sponge Bob is not my Hero anymore. Now Snoopy is my Hero.


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