My First Fish.

I think this is the first and the last one. (5/8/2006)


I like dogs as pets. I don't like cats, they are arrogant. I don't like any kind of fish as pet. Fish are boring. Booooooring. Boooooooooooooring. How I got a fish as pet? Let's now the dramatic story of my first fish.


A guy left in the next room a huge fish tank with some fishes. By the way, FISH has two plurals: fish and fishes. I not sure if that is true, but at this point, I have not enough time to investigate. When that guy left the house, I asked about the fish tank. He said "It have an automatic feeder". After he said that, I didn't worry about it. Weeks later, I went to see the tank and everything looks pretty good, regardles there is no air, no filter and no light. I didn't paid attention anymore.


Last Saturday, after almost three months, I went to see the fish tank and I saw one fish looking at me, like saying "hello". The condition of the fish tank was really bad. You can see it in these pictures:


60% of the water is gone by the evaporation. No air, no filter, not even food. Looking for all the fishes, I found only one. I didn't see any others. The only fish alive was looking at me while I was "evaluating" the condition of the tank. I went to get some bread and I throw some small pieces in the tank. I saw the fish eating some tiny pieces. That was all that day.


At the next day, I was looking carefully the tank and I found two of the fishes dead. Looking closely to the only fish alive, It had a green/grey color. I decided to take it out of the tank. I feel really sorry about those fishes and but, at least, there is only one alive.


I put the fish in a cup and I went to get some fish food. I was surprised about the huge amount of brands and certain type of foods. As I have no knowledge about fishes, I didn't know what to buy. I purchased some food for Goldfish as it looks like an "standard" and many fishes eat it. The fish was at the cup all day long, last sunday. I bet the fish was pretty bored. I can see it in its eyes.


After looking those... poping and bored eyes, I decided to go and buy a fish tank and some real food for it. Again, I had a hard time to decide what tank to buy, what kind food other accesories. There is lots of water treatment, filters, air pumps, plants, medication and things that I even don't know. I decided to purchase some small items and guess about the best food and medication for the fish.
My Honey Bun told me about what kind of fish it is. She said this is a Betta. I thought it is a goldfish. I don't have any idea how to feed and take care of betta fishes. Anyway, regardless that I have no idea how to take care of it, I decided to do everything as possible to keep this fish alive and happy. Now, it have a name: Lucky.


Here is 'Lucky' in the new fish tank. It looks like an "Infonavit house." (It means: Really small house.) Not it have plenty of food and some plastic plants.


If it is not enough to keep 'Lucky' happy, I let it watch some TV. 'Lucky' looks pretty happy watching television, specially advertisement. I will buy a cell phone and some other gadgets to keep 'Lucky' entertained and happy.


If you have some ideas to make Lucky's life very pleasant and tips how to take care of this fish, please let me know.


UPDATE: Fishes yawn? Looks like yes. I saw Lucky with its mouth wide open. It is not repeated frecuently, so I think it was a yawn.


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