Just Add Water.

Do you want to make lots of money with a product? Simple: Just get a container, a brand name and add water! Some expensive products are basically; water. (11/9/2006)


Believe it or not, sometimes, when you purchase an expensive product, you are buying WATER! I will give you two examples of it.


clorox anywhere is just water.

Clorox Anywhere $3.95

This product "Kills 99.9% of bacteria on hard, nonporous surfaces, Gentle as water with no harsh chemicals or fumes Contains bleach at a low..."


There it is! Gentle as water, because IT IS WATER!


Let's see the ingredients:


  • Sodium Hypochlorite 0.0095%
  • Other Ingredients (Means WATER) 99.9905%
  • "Available chlorine 0.009%".

    So, if you have a glass of water and add a drop of chlorine, Also know as 'Clorox Bleach', you can make "Clorox Anywhere" at home.


    Seriously, to make home-made "Clorox Anywhere hard surface sanitizing spray" just add one or two drops of bleach on a spray bottle and that's it! you get the same product and save a few bucks. As you can see, you are paying about $3.95 buying just water.


    Let's see another example:


    Eye Wash is just water.

    Bausch & Lomb "Advanced" Eye Relief" Eye wash. $5.49

    Very useful to wash your eye.


    And note the word: "Advanced". - "Ohhh! is advanced, wow! Amazing!"


    It Cleans, refreshes, soothes For daily or emergency eye cleansing Sterile eye cap enclosed For Emergency Use A sterile solution to flush ... blah blah blah...


    Let's see the ingredients:


  • Purified water.

    That's it.


    Do I need to tell you more?


    We, customers, are so naive about some products. If I sell you 10 oz. of water and I tell you: "This is water, only $4.00 buy it!" Do you buy it?


    However, if a big company puts water in a fancy bottle and says: "Miracle Power, multiuses. You can use to clean, wash, make plants grow, even to make fresh drinks, only $49.99" I bet that company will make millions with that "product".


    My advice: Read and know what you are buying. Don't be one more buying... JUST WATER!



    11/10/2006 Update: Guys, I'm not trying to sell you those products, The price is just to show you how expensive they are and I took the average price from online stores. Thanks Lord_Lito!



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