Where to get parts.

Tips to get cheap parts and some parts distribuitors than sell good and inexpensive parts. (6/10/2006)


Many times, I contact some electronic part distribuitors to get parts for my proyects, here is some of the web pages were you can purchase electronic parts for your projects.


allelectronics.com sells lots of interesting stuff (not only electronic) Some items are used but works fine. You may get a LCD display for only $4.00


glitchbuster.com sells cheap parts and shipping is really inexpensive.


lsdiodes.com Sells super high intensity LEDs. Ultrabright LEDs are dangerous! You may hurt your eyes. Prices low, very good seller.


Buying parts from online electronic parts distribuitors is cheap but the shipping and handling may be really expensive (up to $65.00 USD if you want these parts shipped overnight)


A good source of electronic parts are "Goodwill" (Also, donations are accepted, so take to them anything that you don't use) They have some old computer and electronics equipment. You can buy a VCR and use the display, motors, gears, IC's, TV tuner and the infrared detector. Salvation Army stores also sells some electronics.


Another way to get electronic parts are service centers. Some places that repairs office equipment have broken printers, faxes, computer and others, I guess they will be happy to sell it. Easily you can use the motors and electronic components to build your own projects.


Although Digikey, Jameco, Radioshack and other electronic parts distribuitors have lots of inventory, they are expensive.


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