Security Keypad.

This Electronic Code Lock uses a 12-keys keypad is used to enter a password and open an electrick lock or any other device with a signal. Uses an 8-pin PIC 12F629. (11/17/2004)


CODE: JP6296 - PIC: 12F629 - Fuse Config: PTMR ON, INT RC


After I visited the Mike Rigby-Jones' web page ( I decided to build this project. It can be used on Security Doors or Security boxes, inclusive can be adapted to turn on some electric machines. Here is the schematic:


security_keypad/JP6296.gif Security keypad using a 12F629


Download the HEX code HERE


The keypad is a regular matrix type. The 1N4148 diodes allow to use just 4 I/O Ports.


When the circuit is turned on the first time, the code is 0000. The Code is saved in the eeprom (eeprom addres 0 - 3).


Each time when any key is pressed, the led blinks. If the key hold, the led will flash continuosly meaning the data is repeated.


How it works:


To Input the code:


- Press "*"


- Digit the four-digit code.


- If the code is correct, Led will turn on for one second and the OUTPUT pin will have a 2-seconds positive pulse.


- If the four-digit code is incorrect, the led will not display any signal.


- If you did a mistake while input the four-digit code, press "*" twice and try again.



To change the code:


- Press "#"


- Input the old code


- The led will flash twice if the code is right.


- Input the new four-digit code.


- The led will flash twice.


- Input the new four digit code again (to verify if it is correct)


- If the new code is correct and accepted, the led will be ON for one second.


- If the new code is not valid or incorrect, the led will flash faster and the old code will be restored.


NOTE: This project is for educational purposes only. The Watchdog was not activated and the software may have "glitches". The software with Watchdog activated and safety implemented will be available commercially only.


The original schematic was adapted from Mike's web page, but the code is from my own devise.


Sorry, I don't have any electrical lock mechanism to test it or provide additional schematic how to connect it. However, the "output" signal easily can be connected to a relay or Triac. Remember: The "output" signal is activated by a 2-second positive pulse when the right code was input.


Security Keypad / Code lock using a microcontroller PIC 12F629


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