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More dropped calls, more charges, more bad customer service... (07/24/2005)


After my wife had the "great" idea to file for divorce, I had to purchase a cell phone. [I didn't had one, I was not allowed to speak with neighbors, friends or even relatives] Some people told me T-Mobile is cheap, so I purchased a Cell phone from T-mobile. When I was purchasing the phone (and the service from T-mobile) The lady that was selling phones told me the service includes free calls on nights and weekends. Later a received a $80.00 USD bill. Of course, nights and weekends were not free calls.


I called T-mobile asking for explanation, they told me I have to change to another plan and sign for a two years contract, also, I had to change my phone number because I was receiving unsolicited messages (each messages have a 5 cents charge) I wonder how many T-mobile customers are receiving unsolicited messages.


I'm not receiving charges for night and weekends calls, but I'm not able to make calls also without getting a "drop call" at night. I have dropped calls if the call is longer than 10 minutes. I'm sick and tired of drop calls thanks to this "cheap service". I will not mention about "no signal" problem that I get in many places.


Finally, I decided to call T-mobile to complant. At 11:43 pm "all representatives were busy", so I had to wait. I was waiting more than 12 minutes and "all representatives were busy". I left the phone just for a moment and when I came back the call were lost.


I wonder: Why I have to wait more than 12 minutes to get service and they can't wait one minute for the customer? Maybe because the service is so cheap. Maybe the customer service is not receiving a good pay check for their job. Maybe because I called so late and they are sleeping. I don't know.


Finally, I decided to put T-mobile in my black list because regardless my phone indicates three bars of signal, I still having dropped calls.


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