Traffic Light.

A two-way Traffic light using a PIC 12F629. As bonus, a traffic light that doesn't use a PIC is included. (05/13/2004)




I found that kids love to play with toy cars, and they enjoy the game using a traffic light while playing.


Here is the picture of an "I-made-this-one-quickly-and-simple-as-possible" traffic light.


traffic light


The 12F629 microcontroller have enough pins to light up 20 LEDS, so why I have to use a 16F84? - Update: (A 12C508 will be perfect, but I had no one available back on 2004)


Easy to build, minimun components. Here is the circuit:


traffic_light/JP6294.gif Traffic light schematic


Download the HEX code HERE


Use only 3 Volts. If you want to use it with 4.5 or 6.0 Volts, put a 470 Ohms resistor on each LED. Otherwise the voltaje can light up more than one LEDS.


BONUS: You can't use microcontrollers yet? Here is the circuit using CMOS 4017 IC.


2-way Traffic using a 4017 cmos and 555 oscillator.


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