Wendy's: Frescatta Club.

This sandwich comes in a nice bag, it does have a nice advertisement, but is better to waste your money on something else. (9/3/2006)


Wendys is doing a lot of advertisement about the "frescatta" sandwiches, but I really believe this sandwich is not worth of. It is flavorless, is small and expensive.


I purchased it because at midnight I got nothing to eat and Wendys was open, so I decided to try this sandwich. I purchased the meal and I think I lost the receipt. I don't remember how much I paid but it was more than $4 USD. Here is the photo of the sandwich that I got:



Here is the picture advertised:



This is the famous "Frescatta sandwich" from Wendys. Flavorless and senseless. You can see on the picture the nice bag that you get when you purchase this sandwich. I really believe Wendys should improve the flavor or their products instead of advertisement and nice bags.


"Do Frescatta, Do what taste right"... LOL! that is funny! It should say: "Do Frescatta, Do what taste right: EAT THE BAG! It taste better than the sandwich."


Here is the photo showing what you get inside of this sandwich:



This sandwich have 440 calories, 26 grams of Fat (3.5g of satured fat, 50mg of cholesterol) and 1,500 mg of sodium equivalent to 1.5 grams of salt.


I qualify this Sandwich with...
Presentation: 9 of 10
Flavor: 1 of 10
Freshness: 9 of 10
Size: 6 of 10
Average: 6.25 of 10



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