Subway: Meatball Marinara Sub.

This sub have a great flavor and more ingredients than the advertised picture. (4/26/2006)


I decided to get this one because it looks good and have garlic (yeah, I'm addicted to garlic). It taste good, really good, but you need to catch the meatballs while eating it. Another "issue" with sandwich is the limited number of balls. The advertisement shows huge meatballs but the real meal doesn't have so many and these meatball are not big.


A good thing about this sandwich is the advertisement doesn't shows vegetables but the real meal have lots of it. Vegetables makes more difficult to find the meatballs.


Here is the photo of the advertisement and the photo of the sub that I got.



As you can see in the real sandwich, there is not huge meatballs. Lets find some!



Can you find all the meatballs?





Maybe the meatballs evaporates when the sub went to the oven. Maybe those are so small that just dissapears under the vegetables. I dunno... Who knows. Another mistery of this life.


I qualify this sub with...
Presentation: 3 of 10
Flavor: 9 of 10
Freshness: 10 of 10
Size: 7 of 10
Average: 7.25 of 10


PS. I'm not related with subway, logos, trademarks and advertisement images are property of Subway franchises, blah blah blah. Read the disclaimer.


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