Subway: Bourbon Chicken.

It doesn't have real Bourbon. In fact, it almost doesn't have real chicken... Well... to be honest, It is not a real sandwich. (8/23/2006)


I think this is almost a scam. The advertisement shows a huge sandwich but the one that I got is just a miserable piece of bread with some vegetables and almost no chicken.


To give you an exact idea what I mean, Here is the photo of the advertisement:


"The Fantasy"


Here is the photo of the sandwich that I got:


"The Reality"


A full view of it:


"The cruel Reality"


And a photo showing what is inside of the sandwich:



This is the worst sandwich that I ever got from Subway. Really dissapointed. It taste like sweet onion chicken sandwich.


I qualify this Sub with...
Presentation: 3 of 10
Flavor: 5 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 6 of 10
Average: 5.25 of 10


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