Sonic: Mushroom Swiss Double Burger.

This hamburger needs only eyes and a tail to be in a cast of any horror movie. (2/19/2006)


Don't take it bad, but seriously, this hamburger is really ugly. Is so ugly, if I send this picture in a "ugly hamburger" contest, guess what happen? IT WILL LOSE BECAUSE IS SO UGLY.


Well, this web page is only to show the real meal, not the ugly and nice meal from the famous fast food restaurants.


Here is the advertisement from SONIC:


Deluxe mushroom swiss burger


Look at that!, all that mushroom coming out of the sandwich... cheese... looks awesome. I purchased one to go, wait a minute, I think Sonic is only to go. Whatever. I purchased one and later, at home, I found the ugliest sandwich that I never seen before.



Is not that ugly? Seriously, as I said before, just put two eyes and a tail, and you will have the perfect theme to create an horror movie.


I really don't remember how good or bad was this sandwich. To be honest, I don't even remember how I had the courage to eat it.


In addition, they charged for items that was not included. With my order was an additional order of pepper. They charged it, but they didn't gave it to me.


Gracias Dulce! :*


I qualify this hamburger with...
Presentation: 2 of 10
Flavor: 7 of 10
Freshness: 4 of 10
Size: 5 of 10
Average: 4.50 of 10


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