Quiznos: Prime Rib Cheesesteak

Is this Beef? Is this Chicken? Maybe pork? I have no idea what kind of meat this sub have. (3/08/2006)


This weekend I went to Quiznos because I got a coupon ($2.00 off for a regular Sub). With the coupon, there was a photo of a huge Sub with lots of meat. Here is the photo of the advertisement:


quiznos double portion thinly sliced tender prime rib piled high with melted swiss cheese sauteed onions and mayonnaise


The advertisement indicates:


New prime rib cheesesteak, double portion thinly sliced tender prime rib, piled high, with melted swiss cheese, sauteed onions and mayonnaise.


What was that?


"Piled high"? Who is high? Maybe the employee was high? Well... I'm not sure exactly what that means. I really don't see the sandwich "piled high" so, I guess the employees are high or the advertisement company is "high".


Here is a photo of the "prime rib cheesesteak" sub from Quiznos that I got:



Do you see something "piled high" on that photo? I really don't see anything like that. I'm not sure what they mean with that statement. As you can see, there is another example of false advertisement.


Here is a photo showing what is inside of the sandwich:



Another thing that bothers me, is the flavor on this Sub. It taste good, but not really good as I expected, in fact, the meat taste like Pork. I though it should have beef meat, but the flavor was greasy and "porky". As the advertisement doesn't indicate what kind of meat it does have, I assume it is a "pork" Sub.


By the way, I paid $5.66USD for this Sub. The original price is $7.29 USD.


I qualify this Sub with...


Presentation: 3 of 10
Flavor: 8 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 4 of 10
Average: 5.75 of 10



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