Krystal: ...Sandwich?

I'm not sure if it is a sandwich, a micro-hamburger or something out of this world. (6/23/2006)


Finally I decided to buy Krystals and try it. I'm dissapointed. I knew Krystal have small sandwiches (or micro-burgers) but I didn't imagine the quality of the food.


I purchased a "combo" with four Krystals, french fries and a drink. The drink was huge, the fries ... just fries and the sandwiches are so small, in fact, I think they put those sandwiches in boxes so you are be able to find it. Anyway, I paid $4.80 USD for this meal.


Here is the picture of the meal:


krystal burger sandwiches


Here is the picture of the sandwich that I got and the advertised one.


krystal sadwich


Inside the sanwich...


Inside the krystal hamburger


Inside the sandwich it doesn't looks really yummy. It have some chopped onion, lots of mustard, one slice of p... DANG! What is that??? Is that the meat? It doesn't looks good. Looks like the meat was not cooked. Anyway, regardless I don't like how it looks, I have to try it.


These sandwiches are "tasteless" and "flavorless". The only flavor comes from the mustard and the onion. Even the fries doesn't have flavor! The fries were almost or completely without salt. Here is a picture of the french fries.



Also, the boxes have some interesting notes, Check it out:



The boxes have information about the "Krystal Lovers"! It shows the drawing of the victim called "Inductee" and the comments about this sandwiches.


I really don't like this product, even the drink is 60% ice and 40% soda. The fries and the sandwiches taste like fatty and greasy. I can see the "Inductee" are located in Tennessee, I guess Krystal sandwiches are good over there or maybe they got paid to say that.


I qualify this... this... Whatever it is.
Presentation: 8 of 10
Flavor: 1 of 10
Freshness: 8 of 10
Size: 5 of 10
Average: 5.5 of 10


Did I mention about I'm not related to Krystal or any of the franchises? Well, I'm not related in any way, trademarks, copyrights and brands belongs to the respective owner. I can't find any legal information on their web page.


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