Water Level Control/Monitor.

A simple way to control the level of any liquid in any container. (05/20/2004)


CODE: JP6751 - PIC: 12F675, FUSE CONFIG Internal OSC


I was thinking about this proyect for many days. I was wondering "Why some people is asking for this circuit?" I found this kind of project have a cost from $ 300.00 to $ 1,200.00 USD.


I found some similar circuits but aren't good enough for me. Some circuits measure the water's resistance to determine the level. That is dangerous for drinking water (contamination) or explosive liquids because electricity is in contact with water.


So... How I can measure the water lever without contaminate or without danger when use with explosive liquids?


Let's see the schematic:


water_level/JP6751.gif Water level control using a microcontroller


How this Works:


The Pressure sensor have a tube. The tube end on the botton of the tank. When the liquid fill the tank, the pressure inside the tube increase. The 12F675 have A/D converters. The PIC measure the pressure and light up the led corresponding to the liquid level. Green LED = Full, Yellow = Half, Red = Almost Empty. When the tank is completely empty, It turn on the Water pump or activate the buzzer.


Before using the circuit, you have to calibrate it. First, start filling the thank (just one or two inches) and press the switch on the RED led (Empty). Fill the thank to the half and press the switch on the YELLOW led. Finally, when the tank is full, press the swith on the GREEN led. The water pump will stop. When the tank is almost empty the PIC will turn on the pump until the liquiq level reach the top.


Download the HEX file HERE




Update: I found that washer machines uses this method to determine the water level, however, the pressure sensor in a washer machine is not a resistive one, is just a switch.


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