Walking Robot V

A quad-walking "robot" with poor performance. Using only four legs, this walking robot slowly moves like an arthritic dog. (11/14/2008)


Lego Mindstorms Quad Walker If you use your imagination, I mean; using a lot of your imagination, you will be able to see this robot is like a dog.


A dog? u kidding!


In fact, I had to watch and learn how dogs walks to be able to figure how to make this one. Basically, each leg moves in a circular way.


Front view. Front View


When I turn ON the motor, the legs move as I expected but I saw the poor performance of this robot. It walks like an arthritic dog, it's slow and rigid. Even using two motors, the movement doesn't improve. Regardless all those problems, it walks. Slow, but walks.


Lot of improvements can be done: The body should be flexible, each leg should move faster so it can 'jump' on each step and a sensor needs to be implemented to avoid falling when the terrain is not flat.


Video of this LEGO Mindstorms RCX robot is not available right now, it may take a while to upload it.


Top view and Bottom view.


Top view Bottom view.


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