Walking Robot III.

Powered by a solar cell, this walking robot can walk using four legs. NO RCX or sensors used, Just gears, one motor and solar power. (11/29/2007)


walking_robot_III.jpg Walking robot using LEGOs. My first "walking robot" didn't really walk, it just moves the legs but it uses the gears to be stable.


I tried to make a robot that really walks using only two "legs", but it is really hard. I decided to make a simple walking robot with six legs. (It wasn't published yet).


A six-legged robot was working fine. I had some problems but helped me to understand about movements while walkind. The most important issue about walking machines is keeping balance.


Legs After looking how insects walk, I had an idea how to make the legs. The left photo shows the arrange of the gears and legs. Both gears rotate to the same direction. Those legs can be adjusted to find the ideal movements.


While working on this project, I found the rear legs needs to be longer than the front ones. The rear legs only needs to provide "impulse" or "push" the body, the front ones provides traction and direction.


gears details This photo shows the gears detail. This mechanism is not really difficult to figure, the only problem is to devise a way to find the movement that provides the best performance.


Any walking being or machine uses circular movements to be able to displace itself. Using smaller gears will make the movement slower.


bottom view. This is the bottom view of my walking robot. The four legs are arranged in a way that; the front one is up while the opposite rear one is "pushing" the body and making it to advance. The other front leg is on the floor and pulling the body. The rear leg is just going forward together with the opposite front leg. Is kinda hard to understand but basically it is a sequence.


This version didn't perform very well. It needs feets to be able to walk in a improved way.


Here is a video showing how this robot works. Basically all legs steps on the floor in sequence. The movements are slow and kinda erratic.




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