A "Walking" Robot

Previous robots are more like a "toy Car", this one walks. (02/07/2006)


This one looks more "robotic" because it walks. I decided to try to build one from the constructopedia and see how it works.


This one does not have weels, it uses a plastic frame than gives to the robot the motion to walk. The first part was the construction of the "legs"


One leg.


Here one of the legs. The plastic tube does not have any task, is just a "visual item".


Both legs assembled.


Both legs uses two big gears, These gears moves the legs and provide the "walking" motion.


Motor assembly.


The frame of this robot is just two motors togethers. First I need to base for the gears.


Assembling the motor.


Now, the first motor assembly is almost done. Each side of the motor have the hole to attach the gears (one in each side).


both motors together.


Both motors need to be assembled in a identical way. The next step is to assembly the main frame. Basically, is just two motors together.


Frame completed for the walking robot.


The connectors and some blocks are attached to the motors and we have the completed frame. The last step is attaching the "legs".


Frame ready to attach the "legs"


Here is a close-up of the the attached leg. Before attaching it, the gears must be aligned so the robot can walk smoothly. If the gears are not aligned, one side can walf faster than the other side, even it may not work at all because the gears may not move.


close up of the attached leg.


After both legs are attached, the last step is to attach the RCX. This robot is only to see how it walks, so I didn't program any sensor any additional function.



Finally, I was able to see how it works. The gears makes to the "legs" to have a circular motion simulating the walking. Both sides need to be adjusted in one way that, one leg go forward and the other one pulls. Here is a video (AVI) of this walking robot.


Now you can watch the video here, via Youtube:



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