Websites get hacked.

How websites gets hacked.

Perhaps a 'bunch of kiddies' as some blogger call them, but they are able to get in. Learn how they do it. (July 26, 2009)
Category: php howto scripts - Updated: 2009/07/26


Let's be clear about legal issues.
Category: readings about - Updated: 2009/07/25
Water level control using a microcontroller

Water Level Control/Monitor.

A simple way to control the level of any liquid in any container. (05/20/2004)
Category: diy circuits microcontroller - Updated: 2009/07/24
Walking robot using LEGOs.

Walking Robot IV.

An improved version of my "solar-powered four-legged all-terrain walking robot" can walk using four legs. Fasters and better movements. No RCX, no NTX or sensors used, Just gears, one motor and solar power. (11/30/2007)
Category: lego robots homemade diy - Updated: 2009/07/24
Lego Chichen Itza

Totally crazy LEGO Story.

I was sick and bored. As I'm not able to go to the movies with my honey bun, I decided to make this silly story. (09/22/07)
Category: lego funny humor - Updated: 2009/07/24
Pinout information for the tachometer.


Easy to build using only a few components. With some modifications, it can be used in an automobile. This Tachometer uses a PIC 16F628.(06/12/2004)
Category: microcontroller circuits automobile homemade - Updated: 2009/07/24

Subway: Turkey Breast... or something like that.

Good flavor, Fresh, Healty and lots of vegetables, however, I think the Turkey just run away. (5/10/2006)
Category: food realmeal - Updated: 2009/07/24

Subliminal Advertisement

Some companies are blamed to have subliminal advertisement. Many times it is denied by the companies. Technical error? Subliminal ads? See it by yourself. (2/10/2007)
Category: videos food - Updated: 2009/07/24
disposable camera, strobo circuit strobe

Strobe from Flash.

After using a disposable camera, you can build a strobe light (flashing light) with one simple modification. (6/2/2006)
Category: electronics circuits light diy homemade - Updated: 2009/07/24

Stone Mountain, GA - II

My visit to Stone Mountain Park. - Page 2 (8/5/2006)
Category: trips discover - Updated: 2009/07/24
u-haul Moving?

Stone Mountain, GA

My visit to Stone Mountain Park. - Page 1 (8/5/2006)
Category: trips discover - Updated: 2009/07/24

Sponge Bob & Aunt Pearl's Small Blouse

Yes, It sounds weird, but There is something weird about Sponge Bob�s song when it is reversed, it says something about the small blouse of Aunt Pearl. (11/17/2008)
Category: discover funny interesting - Updated: 2009/07/24
Sound Meter Schematic


A simple soundmeter using the PIC 16F628 or 16F84 (5/20/2006)
Category: microcontroller circuits audio - Updated: 2009/07/24
security keypad key pad matrix keypad array safety keypad with LCD Hitachi Display.

Security Keypad II

An improved version that can be used on security vaults, Doors with electric latches, Alarms, Safety devices and many other uses. It uses an HITACHI LCD (16x1 or 8x1) and a matrix keypad. The HEX code is available for 16F84A and 16F628. (5/27/2006)
Category: microcontroller circuits diy - Updated: 2009/07/24

Reverse Sort Arrays With PHP

While making some changes on my Website, I found some issues with natsort() and array_reverse(). Here is how I did fix it. (July 24, 2009)
Category: php scripts - Updated: 2009/07/24

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