Open a CD/DVD drive with paperclip.

How to open a CD or DVD drive using a paperclip without turning on the computer. (August 5, 2009)


Opening cd or dvd drive with a paperclip The computer is broken and you are taking it for repairs, but your favorite Compact disk "The Wall - Pink Floyd" is inside the CD ROM drive. You wonder: What can be done about it? The computer technician will keep it? They will lose the CD? Can you live without Pink Floyd? Your grandma is coming tomorrow? Is any way to get the CD out?


Wonder no more! All CD and DVD drives in the computer are possible to be opened using a simple paper clip without turning on the computer. So, here is the simple solution to open the drive.


CD DVD drive open Just take a paperclip, straighten it and insert it inside the tiny hole close to the "EJECT" button. Be sure to insert the paperclip in the right hole and not in the "CD/DVD READING" light.


Open notebook laptop drive Even a Notebook or Laptop CD/DVD drive can be opened using the Paperclip.


Please be aware; this is an "emergency solution" and should not be used frequently to avoid damages to the drive. Also, check the Disclaimer if you are going to follow the instructions here indicated.


Hope it helps.


In case that photos and instructions were not clear enough, here is a one minute video explaining the process:



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