How To Make a Paper Cup

This lo-tech paper cup is really helpful when no cups are handy. A less-than-one-buck project (3/11/2006)


DISCLAIMER: This paper cup does is not intended for hot liquids, the information provided here is for educational purposes, Do not build this project.


I can't believe the astonishment from some co-workers when I built a paper cup to drink some water. Is hard to believe how many people doesn't know how to make simple useful things. I guess technology doesn't help in survival issues. Corrected. Thanks Nick!


This paper cup is useful when cups are not available. The material needed is just a sheet of paper. For this project I used a 20 lb sheet of regular letter paper.


1. Using a letter size paper sheet, fold one corner.
2. Cut the lower part to make a perfect square.
3. Fold one corner (the 45 degrees angle) close to the 90 degrees angle (see next photo)
4. Fold the other corner (the 45 degrees angle) to the back, similar to the previous one.
5. Fold one single corner from the top part.
6. Repeat the last step on the other side.
7. Open the cup and push the botton.
8. Your paper cup is ready!


This paper cup can hold 5oz of water. Using a 20lb paper sheet the paper cup will leak approximately after 45 seconds. A better quality paper will hold the water longer.


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