Halloween Decorations: Spiderweb

DIY projects for Halloween, Make your own Spiderweb. A cheap an easy project. (10/30/2008)


Spider Web An easy-to-make DIY project for this Halloween: A spiderweb made with yarn and some glue. For instructions how to make the spider, take a look here.


Bill of material Bill of materials:


  • Black yarn. (Any black string works ok)
  • Hot glue.
  • Scissors. (not in the picture)


    Cut 3 pieces Instructions:


    Cut 3 pieces of yarn, about 2 yards long.


    Lay the yarn in a table or flat surface as the picture shows. Be sure to locate the center.


    Tie it Tie the center with a long piece of yarn.


    Glue it Apply glue on each side of the yarn and glue the long one to it, making a spiral.


    Spiderweb ready Continue to glue the yarn making about eight loops. Your spiderweb is ready.
    You can tie it to a tree or using tape to fix it to a wall.


    Spiderweb Halloween decoration Tarantula in Spiderweb


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