Halloween Decorations: Spiders

DIY projects for Halloween, Make your own Spiders. A cheap an easy project. (10/29/2008)


Spiders in computer Running out of time for Halloween decorations, so I had to make my own ones and save money.


Most of Halloween decorations and crafts are easy to make. Halloween is basically a DIY holiday. Here are the instructions how to make spiders.


Simple Spider Parts

Simple Spider


Material needed:


  • 2 black Pipe cleaners (Also known as "Chenille strips" in some craft stores)
  • 2 Small Craft eyes. (optional)


    Cut in half Instructions:


    Cut in half both pipe cleaners, so you get four 5-inch long.


    Twist all in alf Twist all four pipe cleanes exactly in the middle and be sure it stays together.


    Bend Legs Bend each leg and your Simple Spider is ready. The next step is optional.


    Add eyes Make your spider to look like crazy, glue both craft eyes.


    Making a Tarantula


    Tarantula Parts Bill of materials:


  • A piece of Trash bag or any black piece of cloth.
  • 4 black pipe cleaners, 5 inches long. (Cut two in half)
  • A piece of newspaper, bond paper or any piece of cloth.
  • 2 Craft eyes (optional)


    Use the piece of newspaper, make a small ball and wrap it with the black plastic. Cut the excedent material.
    Make the body. Cut the material


    Twist three pipe cleaner pieces securing the black plastic. Use the 4th one to make the Tarantula's head.
    Twist pipe cleaner Make the head


    Bend the legs (Not yours! I'm talking about the Tarantula's legs!) and your tarantula is ready. Glue the craft eyes (optional).
    Bend the legs. Tarantula Ready


    Colorful Halloween Tarantula

    A.k.a. Tiger Tarantula.


    Colorful pipe cleaners. Material needed:


  • 4 pieces of BLACK pipe cleaners (about 10 inches long)
  • 4 pieces of YELLOW pipe cleaners. (Orange or Red are ok).


    Twist pipe cleaners Bi-color pipe cleaners. Instructions:


    Twist one black pipe cleaner and one yellow pipe cleaner. Repeat for all pipe cleaners.


    Some crafts stores sell the striped pipe cleaners, but are expensier than the regular ones.


    twist all pipe cleaners Twist all four pairs in the middle.


    Make a loop exactly where all pieces were twisted. Make another twist to be sure it holds together.
    Make a loop Twisted


    Bend each Tarantula's leg to give the right shape. Glue the craft eyes (optional) and you have a crazy & colorful tarantula for decoration.
    Add craft eyes. Tarantula Ready


    With less than one buck (dollar) you get a nice DIY craft. I hope you enjoy it.


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