Crafts: Bottle Fish.

You won't believe how easily you can make this awesome craft. An enviroment-frienly craft made from recyclable materials: A plastic bottle. (12/05/2007)


Can you believe this nice craft was made from trash? It was a simple plastic bottle. Now it is transformed to an awesome piece of art or decoration. Before I start the instructions how to make it, let me tell you a story.


One morning, I was driving on Riverwatch Pkwy (Augusta, Georgia). While driving, I saw a guy doing some exercise. While running, he was picking up trash from the side of the road as part of his excercise.


"That is a real American", I thought. I believe each citizen that does something for USA is a real American. Whoever this guy is, Thank you.


Here are the list of material needed:


  • A plastic soda bottle.
  • Spray paint, Two different colors. I did use Black and Blue. Dark and bright colors works fine.
  • Stapler.
  • Scissors.
  • Cutter or knife.
  • Hot glue or any glue for plastics.
  • Craft eyes.
  • Some newspaper or towel papers to clean the mess.


    This project uses a plastic soda bottle. Plastic bottles can be recycled, but some people doesn't care about it. Just because recyclable material is "enviroment-friendly" it is throwed anywhere.


    I went to the street to collect some plastic bottles. I wasn't surprised to find some bottles less than a block away, regardless is illegal to throw trash in the street.


    First, we need to remove the wrap and wash the bottle. It needs to be washed inside and outside.


    The color of the bottle doesn't matter. Any color of plastic is fine, anyway it will be painted.


    Using paper towels, dry the bottle.


    Cut the bottleneck and the bottom. Cutter and/or scissors can be used. I did use a knife because it cuts the plastic better.


    By the way, this project IS NOT FOR KIDS. In fact, it is dangerous. Using sharp tools is not safe. This project should be considered as educational and you MUST NOT follow my instructions. If you decide to follow my instructions, you are assuming all responsabilities. Read the disclaimer at the main page.


    Now, we can dry the inside of the bottle using a paper towel. It doesn't need to be perfectly dry.


    Next, make the middle of the bottle flat and staple it. Put one, two or three staples.


    Using scissors, cut each side first, as the photo shows. (It makes easier to do the other cuts) After cutting each side, cut the bottom of the bottle following a curve. Cut the plastic as strips. See the picture.


    Proceed to make two cuts, 'V' shaped, on the bottleneck. it will be the fish mouth.


    Also, Cut the front and the back of the bottle making the gill (see picture).


    Gently, Pull each gill and each fin (sides) of the fish.


    Careful, the plastic may break!


    Using spray paint, with a clear color first, paint the entire bottle. Keep the spray paint about 10 inches away while spraying.


    Is a good idea to put the bottle in a stick. Don't paint anything in a closed area. Spray paint should be used only on open areas.


    The paint takes about 5 minutes to dry. Apply dark colors at the tail, the gil and fin. Remember to paint both sides.


    Glue the eyes on each side of the fish (a.k.a. plastic bottle).


    I did purchase those eyes from the craft store but it can be painted with some white and black paint, or you can glue a white and black circles to make the eye. Just use your imagination or recycle more items!


    Do you remember where is the base of the plastic bottle? I hope you didn't throw it away because we are going to use it.


    Make some cuts (five) on the base and fold it as the photo shows.


    Regardless plastic is just plastic, it can hurt you. Be careful while doing this step.


    Apply black paint... like the Rolling Stones' song: "Paint it black".


    Use a newspaper or paper towel to keep the mess away...


    ...Hold on, there is a crucigram. Let's see...


    Twenty vertical.- Four letters, starts with "R", Pl. Mexican politician, Mice hmmm... that is a difficult one.


    When the paint is dry, apply glue on the center of the base and glue the fish on it. If you are not using hot glue, you need to hold the fish for a while until it dries.


    That's it. This craft-made-from-trash is ready. You can make more without the base and hang it anywhere.


    Can you believe how easy is to make art recycling trash?


    Thanks to Emy!
    She made this project a reality.


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